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Perfect Workout Routine for Law Enforcement _ John Vinson

Everyone knows how difficult it can be to work as a police officer. It’s a physically demanding job and you’re going to want to be in good shape to do the job properly. Take a look at the following four essential elements of the perfect workout routine for law enforcement. If you ensure that you’re following these principles when setting up your exercise regimen, then you’ll be doing things right.

  1. Remember the Importance of Flexibility

Flexibility is more important than some people realize. While you’re exercising, it’s going to be a good idea to work on improving your muscular and joint flexibility. Stretch out your hamstrings and work on improving your range of motion. This will help you to perform when you need to chase someone down and you’ll be glad that you focused on stretching.

  1. Build Cardiovascular Endurance

Speaking of chasing someone down, you’re also going to want to work on your cardiovascular health. It won’t do to be breathing heavily after being forced to run after a fleeing suspect. Work on improving your cardiovascular conditioning by running regularly or using an elliptical machine. Other potential cardiovascular workouts include bike riding, swimming, and jumping rope.

  1. Build Muscle

Building muscle will also be crucial when you want to be the best police officer that you can be. You will want to work on becoming stronger so that you can subdue suspects when it is necessary to do so. Using free weights will be a solid idea but you can also use bodyweight resistance exercises such as push-ups. Having more muscle will help you to be a better police officer who is prepared for anything.

  1. Consider Martial Arts or Combat Training

Martial arts or combat training will help you to get in shape while learning practical skills. You can build muscle, improve flexibility, and work on your cardiovascular endurance by learning martial arts. This can also help to prepare you to subdue suspects who try to resist arrest. It’s smart to be ready for anything as a police officer and hand-to-hand combat skills could save your life in certain situations.