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Law enforcement officials have more mental health resources available to them now than ever before. Yet many officers still suffer in silence, struggling with some trauma that they witness or endure themselves.

To handle the stress and anxiety that can come on a near-daily basis, police officers must find healthy, proactive ways to cope. When it comes to managing stress as a police officer, some simple daily steps can help.

  1. Take Time to Get Some Exercise

Staying fit and getting regular physical activity is a key component to reducing stress as a police officer. Since the job can be so stressful, especially when officers have no control over some of the situations that they find themselves in every day, it’s important to set aside time for exercise to keep your mind and body healthy.

  1. Find and Invest in a Hobby

In addition to exercising, another way police officers can reduce stress is by finding a hobby. Research shows that hobbies can help you get through difficult situations more easily. If you have a hobby that helps you relax and take your mind off stressful situations, it’s important to set aside time for this activity.

  1. Find Support From Those Most Important in Your Life

Another way that police officers can reduce stress is by finding support from the most important people in their lives. Whether it’s a partner or a spouse, reaching out to family and friends can be an effective way to cope with stressful situations.

  1. Get Help When You Need it

Finally, if you’re struggling with stress or anxiety caused by your job as a police officer, it’s important to talk to someone about what you’re experiencing. Mental health professionals can help you cope with your work-related stress and learn how to manage the daily pressure of being an officer.

As law enforcement officers constantly working in high-pressure situations, dealing with trauma and stress is a reality. However, staying healthy mentally is an important part of ultimately remaining physically well. Following these tips can help you cope with your stressful work life.