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Campus Security Team Effort _ John Vinson

You should know just how important campus safety and security is. Being able to protect the campus is of the utmost importance and it isn’t something that you can accomplish alone. If you’re going to successfully take care of the safety and security needs of the campus, then it needs to be a team effort. Examine the information below so that you can approach campus security in the proper way.

Students Can Help with Campus Security

Students can actually help with campus security more than many people realize. If you make sure that you give students access to the right resources, then they can be an invaluable part of keeping everyone safe. This can help you to anticipate problems that might be on the horizon. The students are always going to be hearing and seeing things on the campus and they should feel as though they can approach security staff about concerns.

Familiarize People with Campus Safety Services and Rules

The first thing that you should do is to ensure that everyone on campus is familiar with the campus safety services and rules. This will allow students and faculty members to know how to reach out when problems occur. You can make this information available online and can also have pamphlets available to hand out to students. Having knowledge of specific services will benefit everyone on campus.

Give Students Safety Guidelines to Follow

Giving students safety guidelines to follow will also be very useful. If they have guidelines that they can use as a roadmap, then they can plan things out in safer ways. For instance, knowing how to stay safe while walking can help people to avoid getting mugged or encountering other problems. You can encourage students to walk in groups and take other steps to ensure that they remain safe.

Offer Security Services

Offering security services to students is important as well. You should consider offering services such as transportation to and from certain events. Some campuses even offer free self-defense courses or safety tactics classes. These resources can help students to protect themselves in the event of an attack or another incident.