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There are many benefits to taking self-defense courses. Women are forced to deal with sexual advances all the time, and this is especially true of college students. They deal with unwanted sexual advances when they are out with friends, at the bus stop, or walking alone at night. They want to know if self-defense classes can make them safer. 

Studies Say They Do

In one study, college students who received self-defense training were compared to those who did not. The results showed that a lower percentage of women with self-defense training experienced incidents of unwanted sexual contact. None of the women who took self-defense reported a rape, while 3% of those who didn’t take the class did. In addition, 12% of those who took the self-defense class reported a sexual advance, while 30% in the other group did. 

Type of Self-Defense Course

The type of self-defense course was designed for women. It focused on the strengths of a woman’s body, which is the lower body as opposed to the upper body. They learned moves and techniques that are specific to a woman being attacked. In addition, the course comes from the perspective that women are not helpless, and they are capable of resisting men effectively. 

It also teaches that in spite of the fact that women can stand up to and resist men effectively, it is not their responsibility to stop the violence. This empowers women and helps them feel confident setting firm boundaries. 

Setting boundaries is important because most of the time, women aren’t assaulted by strangers. They are most commonly dealing with someone they know, even if superficially. The bottom line is that no matter who it is, it is important to understand that any unwanted sexual contact is unacceptable. 

Types of Unwanted Sexual Contact

Sexual contact can take many different forms. It includes unwanted touching, coercion into sexual intercourse, attempted rape, and rape. As women take these empowering courses, they learn that they are justified in stopping these advances, and they gain the confidence to stand up for themselves. They experience less fear, and they are stronger.