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For police officers and other emergency professionals, having a strong physique is important. If you are in a high-stress position, it can be difficult to find the time or motivation to maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, being physically fit will help improve your career and your health.

Whether you’re on the beat or in the gym, use these workouts to stay in fighting shape. 

  1. Sandbag Clean and Press

This exercise involves a quarter-squat position, in which your hands hold a sandbag on the ground. Stand up, bring up your elbows, then bring the bag to your chest. Pause, and then shoulder press the sandbag above your head.

  1. Partner Glute-Ham Raise

With a partner, kneel on the ground and slowly lower down to the push-up position. Your partner will hold your legs down to add extra pressure.

  1. Swiss Ball Knee Drive/Pike

Start in a push-up position and position your feet on a stability ball. Bring knees to chest and then return to your original position. Repeat.

  1. Walk the Plank

Begin in a push-up position, toes on two weights or Valslides. Slowly walk your hands forward as you try to keep your hips straight and core engaged throughout the entire movement.

  1. Bear-Hug Walks

Grab a sandbag and keep it in front of your chest, holding it close to you. Walk forward 30 yards, turn around, and return to the starting position.

  1. Offset Walking Sandbag Lunge

Stand with a sandbag over one shoulder and step forward, lowering yourself until you are an inch off the ground. Then push your body back up to the starting position.

  1. Inverted Row (One and Two Arms)

Lie on your back with a secured barbell across your chest and grasp it shoulder-width apart. Raise the bar toward you while squeezing your chest, then return to the start position.

  1. Rope/Towel Pull-up

Grip the edge of a towel to one side of a pull-up bar and lift your chest toward it. Hang for a second before lowering yourself back down.

With these workouts, you can maintain your fitness no matter where your role takes you – and keep up your important daily work.