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For those who have dedicated their lives to the police force, retirement can be an emotional time. Yet planning ahead for the last chapter of your career is key to ensuring a successful transition into civilian life. 

Many people who retire from the police force find that they miss the excitement of working in law enforcement and that they miss interacting with people on a daily basis. In many cases, removing yourself from the police force can be more difficult than you anticipate.

10 Tips for a Fulfilling Retirement

Here are some tips to help you make that change easier and enjoy your new freedom all the more.

  1. Don’t be afraid to depend on your friends and family for emotional support during this time of transition and change.
  2. Take advantage of the available local or department-offered mental health service that can help you navigate the complexities of retirement and post-force trauma.
  3. Stay connected with your police agency, and consider being available for auxiliary or special duty opportunities.
  4. Remain in contact with your previous colleagues on the force and make time to get together for visits.
  5. Use your retirement to discover new activities or hobbies that you enjoy to find new outlets for your free time.
  6. Offer your services and experience as a police academy guest lecturer or speaker.
  7. Write about your experience on the force and create educational articles that can benefit the community and the law enforcement world.
  8. Use your expertise to teach criminal justice classes at a local college or institution, and connect with students to show them the opportunities in police work.
  9. Use your retirement to take on a brand-new career or job you have always wanted to pursue. 
  10. Keep yourself in shape and consider taking up a sport, such as running or biking, to help clear your head.

Invest in Yourself and Give Back in Retirement

Your retirement does not mean that you no longer have use for the community. With the right techniques and a healthy routine, you can enjoy a lifestyle that allows you to move on while still giving back.